iCOSMETIC features everything you need to manage your business. Manage all of your clients, orders, expenses, appointments and products as well all of your treatments.

iCOSMETIC features

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iCOSMETIC features everything you need to manage your business

Business Branding
iCOSMETIC’s Preferences area enables quick and easy branding of your iCOSMETIC database.
Produce professionally branded Invoices and Orders which can be printed or emailed at the touch of a button.
Client Management
Manage all of your Clients along with their treatments and appointments.
Integrated Appointment Calendar
Add appointments to an integrated calendar with month, week and day viewing options.
Link appointments to Clients & your Therapists.
Client Communication
iCOSMETIC features email templates which you can send directly to individuals or groups of Clients.
Record all communication with a Client giving you a detailed history for your future reference.
Note Dictation
Save time by dictating your notes using SIRI.
Help and Training
iCOSMETIC features a comprehensive Help Module. Tutorial videos are available on our BLOG. We also offer a free half day train session at our centre in Liverpool with every iCOSMETIC purchase.
MailChimp Email Marketting
MailChimp is a fantastic service for managing your email marketing campaigns, so we have integrated it into iCOSMETIC so adding your new clients to your MailChimp list could not be simpler.
Product Inventory
Manage your business’s product list. Automatically deduct the product used for each treatment and record this in a full audit log. Set reorder levels to help you manage your stock.
Branded Invoices & Receipts
Quickly create invoices and receipts for your clients which you can print or email.
Treatment Management
iCOSMETIC features a Treatment Area designed around the permanent makeup treatment procedure. Create records for each new PMU treatment. Each treatment record includes before, at retouch & review photos, injecton records and detailed records of the products used.
Consultation Forms
Hold all consultation forms and informed consents with electronic signatures for your Clients. Use iCOSMETIC’s Preferences module to customise the treatment risks, benefits, alternatives, informed consent and aftercare information.
Treatment Photos
Save up to eight treatment, eight retouch and eight review pictures for each treatment and easily view them side by side.
Treatment History
View a condensed version of each Client’s treatment history directly from their record and click to access the full treatment record.
Orders to Suppliers
iCOSMETIC allows you to easily create, email and print orders to your supplier.
Product Audit Log
Track your product usage and record changes in stock level following each treatment or product order.
Income Charts & Reports
Quickly view your income charts by client, month and treatment and print reports via iCOSMETIC’s Report Area.

Other iCOSMETIC Features

Instant Backup
Backing up your client records is vital and with iCOSMETIC Premium it is as simple as tapping the Sync button on the iCOSMETIC Home Screen.  All of your data is then backed up to the iCOSMETIC cloud. No need to manually backup iCOSMETIC using iTunes, it’s simple, it’s speedy and it’s secure.
Data Sharing
Sharing your iCOSMETIC database with other users simultaneously through a network means multiple users can access the same client information.
SMS Text Messaging
iCOSMETIC features SMSText for all iCOSMETIC Premium users. Send text messages to your Clients directly from iCOSMETIC to remind them about upcoming appointments or special offers.
Web Browser Access
Don’t have an iPad? Want to give your receptionist access your diary? Logging into iCOSMETIC via a web browser such as Google Chrome is the perfect solution.
Work Offline
Do you want the power of a the cloud with the flexibility to continue to work offline when you have no wifi or 3G connection? Of course you do, and with iCOSMETIC you can do just that and simply sync any changes you make next time you connect to the internet.
Data Protection (SSL)
If you are sharing data over a network then secure connections, protected by SSL are a must.
Maximum Number of Users
iCOSMETIC features multi-user capability with Premium. Out of the box it comes with a single user account. If you need more user accounts these can be added at an additional monthly fee per user.
One Unlimited
Software Requirements
All versions of iCOSMETIC are designed for use on an iPad or iPad Mini using the free Filemaker Go 13 app. iCOSMETIC can also be used on Mac and PC using Filemaker Pro or via your web browser
Filemaker Go 13 /
Web Browser /Filemaker Pro 13
Cloud Requirements
Cloud based software allow mutlitple users to access the same database simultanesouly and prevents problems with duplicated versions of your database being produced by different users.
By us on our Cloud *
Future Updates
If you like to know that you have access to the latest version of iCOSMETIC and that you are not missing out on new features and capabilities choosing iCOSMETIC Premier means your software will never be out of date.